7/14 Shop Ride

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It’s the weekend already? Awesome! Let’s do it again..

Standard two loops available this week should have everyone back to the shop shortly after 10am:

Shorter loop: 23 conversational (15-16mph in the flats) miles headed out the bike path to Shannock and back.

23 miler: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/28053537

Longer loop: 36 miles (at the usual varying, quick paces*) out to Woodville-Alton and back.

36 miler: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/28040233

Shaping up to be fun all around!

Saturday rides roll each week at 8am. As always, helmets required. Bring water, tubes, pump, route map, etc..

Hope to see you there!

*For folks new to the ride:

Longer loop usually breaks up into 3ish groups with the following cruising speeds:

up to 25+ mph drop group

~22 mph group; occasionally regroups

~18-20 mph group; with regroups, or a no-rider-left-behind grupetto getting everyone back to the shop.


Feeling fast? Join us Thursday nights at the shop @ 615pm for the Stedman’s Hour of Power (sHOP) Ride.

This fast-paced road ride places an emphasis on training, bike handling, teamwork and riding in a paceline. But be warned: this is a ride for experienced riders only. Speeds on the flats are often 25-30mph and end-of-ride averages are regularly 20+mph.

Tonight’s route can be found here:

PRO TIP: Got a flashing/blinky tail light? Bring it!

Questions? Give us a shout at 401.789.8664 or info@westedman.com for more information

7/7 Shop Ride

It’s going to be perfect weather this Saturday, so we’re going long! Two routes available again this week: the shorter loop will be heading ~23 miles out the bike path then up through Slocum and back. Cruising speeds will be 15-16 mph on flat roads.

The longer route will partake in one of our longer rides this summer; ~39 miles up into East Greenwich and back. Should be a fun one! This route will break up into several groups at varying speeds. (Everything from 25+ mph on flat roads in the front group down to 18-20 mph on flat roads in the trailing group).

We should return all riders back to the shop by about 1030.

Saturday rides roll each week at 8 am. As always, helmets required. Bring water, tubes, pump etc.

Here are your routes:

23 miler: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/27989181

39 miler: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/15013345

Hope to see you there!

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