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Hunting Season Ends May 31st…Got Orange?

Nice weather is here and it’s the best time of year to grab your bike and enjoy the woods.

But wait- before heading out don’t forget that we share the local management areas (including Burlingame, Big River, Arcadia, etc.) with other users, especially hunters. From September 14th 2019 through February 29th 2020  and April 18th though May 31st 2020 all cyclists must wear at least 200sq inches of florescent orange; that number increases to 500sq inches during the month of December.

Helmet covers and our new Stedman Orange arm warmers are a great way to cover yourself under the 200sq inch requrement.

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 12.50.05 PM

Helmet covers + vests and/or our new Stedman Orange short & long sleeve jerseys satisfy the 500sq inch requirement.


screen-shot-2016-11-06-at-12-23-46-pmThis is one of our favorite seasons- let’s enjoy it together by being safe and being seen in Stedman Orange.

See the Rhode Island safety orange requirements here

Read the complete RI Hunting & Trapping Regulation Guide here

Questions? Give us a shout at 401.789.8664 or info@stedmansbikeshop.com for more information.

Fall Shop Clothing: Now Taking Orders

Need new kit? Quick! We have an order going in Friday for fall shipments of Stedman’s shop jerseys, bib shorts and even NEW orange jerseys and arm warmers. Our kits are made custom by Pearlizumi  and include a variety of fits, styles, and weights.

Take a look at the list below and let us know by close of business Thursday 9/1 what you’d like.

Questions? Orders? Call the shop and ask for Jay.

Stedman Blue ( XS-XXL)

Screen shot 2016-08-30 at 11.53.12 AM

M’s ELITE Thermal LTD Long Sleeve Jersey (Semi-Form Fit) $120
M’s ELITE Escape LTD Long Sleeve Jersey (Semi-Form Fit) $100
M’s ELITE Pursuit LTD Short Sleeve Jersey (Form Fit) $100
M’s SELECT LTD Short Sleeve Jersey $80
M’s LTD Short Sleeve Tech Tee $60
M’s P.R.O. LTD Bib Short $150
M’s ELITE LTD Bib Short $100

*NEW* Unisex LTD Thermal Knee Warmers $55

W’s ELITE Escape LTD Short Sleeve Jersey (Form Fit) $100
W’s SELECT Escape LTD Short Sleeve Jersey (Semi-Form Fit) $80
W’s ELITE LTD Bib Short $100
W’s ELITE LTD Short $90

Stedman Blaze Orange (XS-XXL)
Meets requirements of 500+ square inches of blaze orange worn above the waist during hunting/shotgun season by RI state law

Safety Orange (unisex XS-XXL)
Unisex P.R.O. LTD Softshell 180 Jacket $200
Unisex ELITE LTD Wind Jacket No Pockets $135
Unisex ELITE LTD Wind Vest No Pockets $95
*NEW* Unisex ELITE Escape LTD Long Sleeve Jersey (Semi-Form Fit)
*NEW* Unisex ELITE Escape LTD Short Sleeve Jersey (Semi-Form Fit)