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Snow Speeder: Salsa Beargrease Carbon

Salsa Beargrease Carbon 1

At first glance most people assume fat bikes are as porky in weight as their name implies. That may have been true of the early examples, but one look, or more accurately, one heft of a modern flyer like the Salsa Beargrease Carbon and you realize how deceiving its blimpie looks are.

Salsa Beargrease Carbon 1
Massive crown of the Makwa Carbon fork.

Tipping the scales at a meager 26 pounds, a weight comparable to most lightweight 29ers, this fat bike is ready to fly on snow and trails alike.  Convert the Marge Lite rims to tubeless and this machine will be as light as any on the snowpack.

Salsa Beargrease Carbon 1

Salsa Beargrease Carbon 1

The futuristic lines of the Arctic White carbon frame appear more spacecraft than bicycle. Massive head tube, fork crown, and bottom bracket junctions indicate rigid sprinting efficiency while the supple 4-inch casings of the 45NRTH Dillinger 4 tires clearly offer plush reign over all surfaces.

Salsa Beargrease Carbon 1
45NRTH Dillinger 4 tire with ultralight 120 tpi casing.
Salsa Beargrease Carbon 1
Surly Marge Lite rims.

Propulsion is transferred via the lightweight simplicity of a SRAM X1 1 x 11 drivetrain.

Salsa Beargrease Carbon 1
SRAM X1 drivetrain. 10-42 wide range cassette. Stock front X1 chainring is 30t.
Salsa Beargrease Carbon 1
Thru axles fore and aft. 15 x 142mm up front and 12 x 177mm out back.
Salsa Beargrease Carbon 1
Take flight this winter on the Salsa Beargrease Carbon.


Stop by the shop and take it for a spin, it will change your concept of fat.

Not local? Give us a call anyway, we’ll be happy to tell you all about the Beargrease and any other fat bikes!


The Portable Family: Prince Edward Island tour

Red dirt rambling across a storybook island.

The centerpiece of our late summer trip to Canada was a fantastic week-long bike tour of Prince Edward Island. With miles of quiet dirt roads and the extensive Confederation Trail system, PEI is ideal for touring. Throw in sandy beaches, Anne of Green Gables, lots of ice cream, and you have the perfect family cycling adventure.

Confederation Trail bike path

Our plan was to ride a circuit of the north central portion of the island, following the Confederation Trail east then looping back west along the northern shore via rural roads and trails.

The trail is a converted railroad bed that affords easy travel on a flat cinder surface. It passes through small towns every few hours, but there are some long stretches without anything but fields and sky.

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We happened to be in Charlottetown for the Canadian 150th Anniversary celebration. It was a fun contrast to the open countryside, and of course, more ice cream!

From the city we headed northwest toward the Cavendish area, home to the island’s premier tourist destination: Green Gables. We’d been reading the books in anticipation of the trip, so it was a mandatory stop. The beaches were certainly a bonus.

The final portion of our route was all along the iconic red dirt roads of PEI. Unlike the bike trail, these rural farm roads rise and fall steeply over the central hills of the island. It was strenuous but rewarding.

Our first family bike tour outside the US, we’d recommend it to anyone.

A few tips:

  • Wide tires roll easier and more comfortably over the varied surfaces encountered on the island. Fenders keep the red dirt and mud off you and your gear even when it’s dry.
  • The Confederation Trail is relatively flat, but if you plan to venture off of it (recommended!), make sure your bike has low gears for loaded hill climbing.
  • Unless you have an international phone plan, you won’t be able to rely on your smartphone for directions. Be prepared to resort to good old fashion paper maps.
  • Carry cash for the many farm stands around the island.
  • Pack rain gear and swimsuits!
  • Maps of the island and the Confederation Trail are readily available at information centers on PEI. You can plan your trip beforehand by visiting the PEI tourism website.

Have more questions or care to chat about this trip or others? Stop by the shop and we’ll be happy to talk touring.

Salsa Blackborow DS

Fresh Produce: Salsa Blackborow


Salsa has gone plus size for 2015. The new Blackborow, named after the stowaway on Shackleton’s infamous Antarctic voyage, features extra wide rims and 4.8″ tires for maximum flotation over snow, sand, and extreme terrain.

Blackbarow 1

Available in two flavors: geared and “dingle speed”, this adventure rig also features many of Salsa’s trademark details, including Alternator dropouts, tons of bosses for bottles and gear, and no-nonsense parts spec.

Blackbarow DS

The Bearpaw fork is Bluto-swap ready with 150 x 15mm thru-axle while the rear features the widest standard 197mm axle. Salsa chose to spec the frame with their PressFit 41 bottom bracket and Surly OD crankset to offer the narrowest pedaling stance (Q-factor) and optimal chainline on such a wide platform.

Salsa Blackborow DS

If you’re looking to explore the limits of where a bicycle can go, check out the new Salsa Blackborow.



Salsa Blackborow DS
Clearance for massive 5″ tires. Dingle drivetrain features 30 x 18 and 26 x 22 gears linked with a stout KMC Rustbuster chain.


Salsa Blackborow DS
Dingle Speed: One gear to blaze, One gear to crawl. Simple, silent, and solid.
Salsa Blackborow DS
Cassette hub is ready for gears or single cogs. 197mm thru-axle. Alternator dropouts tension chain and can be interchanged for different axle and gear configurations.

In stock and ready to test ride.

Not local? Give us a call anyway, we’ll be happy to tell you all about the Blackborow and any other fat bikes!