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Super-Sized Fat Stock as of February 5th


That means you haven’t experienced some of the best riding Rhode Island has to offer regardless of what season it is. From sandy or rock-strewn beaches to snowy trails these bikes can take you places you never imagined a bike could go.

The good news is we still have plenty in stock. Below is the most recent list of our inventory as of 2/5/2014. Remember, if the bike you are looking for is not listed here we can always order it or use our connections to try to find one.

Specialized Bicycles

Specialized Fatboy SL
Specialized Fatboy SL

Complete Specialized Fat Bikes
2015 Fatboy SL, size S, Platinum Ano$5500
2015 Fatboy SL, size L, Platinum Ano$5500
2015 Fatboy Expert, size M, Gloss Black/Flo Red: $2700
2015 Fatboy SE, size M, Satin Deep Blue/Cyan/Dirty White: $1500
2015 Fatboy SE, size XL, Satin Deep Blue/Cyan/Dirty White: $1500
2015 Fatboy 24, Gloss Black/Rocket Red/Teal: $1000
2015 Fatboy 24, Gloss Metallic Black/Light    Turqoise/Turqoise/Hyper Green: $1000
2015 Fatboy 24, Gloss Hyper/Cyan/Royal Blue: $1000
2015 Fatboy 20, Gloss Royal Blue/Moto Orange/Gallardo Orange: $1000
Specialized Fat Bike Frames
2015 Fatboy Frameset, size M, Gloss Black/Flo Red (includes carbon fork and EThirteen crankset): $1400 (3 available)
2015 Fatboy Pro bare frame, size M, Hyper Green: $675


Complete Salsa Fat Bikes
2015 Blackborow DS,  size M, Forest Service Green: $2300
2015 Mukluk 3, size M, Arctic White: $1900
2015 Mukluk 3, size L, Arctic White: $1900

Salsa Fat Bike Frames
Blackborow Frameset, size L, Metallic Gray,  Includes Bearpaw fork and Surly OD crank/BB: $875
Blackborow Frameset, size XL, Metallic Gray, Includes Bearpaw fork, headset, and Surly OD BB: $700

Rocky Mountain


Complete Rocky Mountain Fat Bikes
2015 Blizzard, size M, Black: $2700
2015 Blizzard, size XL, Black: $2700


9zero7 9 zero 7 fat bike carbon whiteout frame bike

9:ZERO:7 Fat Bike Framesets

2015 Carbon Whiteout Frameset, size M, Black/Green, Includes carbon fork, headset, and thru axles: $2299
2015 Tusken Sliding Dropout Belt Drive Frameset, size L, Gray, Includes 9:ZERO:7 Aluminum Fork and thru axle: $999


Complete Framed Fat Bikes

Mini-Sota 24 kids’ fat bike, size 13″, Black/Blue: $700 (3 available)
Minnesota 2.0, size 18″, White/Red: $940
Minnesota 2.0, size 16″, Silver/Blue: $940
Minnesota 2.0, size 18″, Silver/Blue: $940
Minnesota 2.0, size 20″, Silver/Blue: $940
Minnesota 3.0 XWT, size 18″, Black/Red: $1175
Minnesota 3.0 XWT, size 18″, Black/Blue: $1175

Moots BicyclesMOOTS Fat Bike Frames

MOOTS Frosthammer titanium fat bike frame, CALL

Surly Fat Bikes

All models: CALL

Cogburn Fat Bikes

All Models: CALL


We have Rocky Mountain Blizzard rental fat bikes.

Parts and Accessories

We stock all sorts of fat bike components and accessories, from studded tires to carbon wheels.


We are a custom build specialty shop. If you can dream it we can build it. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to get your fat bike project started.