Saturday 6/18 Shop Ride

A little bit of climbing this week (by southern RI standards).

Perfect weather in the forecast for a delightful group ride. We’ve had great turnouts this summer, and groups for all riders. Let’s continue the good times!

Almost identical routes for all groups this week. Faster groups are in line for ~37 miles. Sweeping group has the option to come in at ~34 miles by skipping Congdon Hill.

Here is the full route:

Group options:

Front group – near “race pace” – ~25 mph in the flats

1-2 “chase” groups riding in the range of 17-22 mph in the flats.

Following group makes sure everyone gets back to the barn around 16 mph in the flats.

If you have  been considering the group rides, but have doubts you can handle it, trust us, you can handle it. Very fun, supportive group.

Shop rides roll out at 8 a.m. each and every Saturday.

As always: Helmet required. Bring water, tubes, pump, and a smile.

Hope to see you there!