Praise to the Hellga!

This article was written by Pam, a member of our sales staff. The following is an account of her first experience on the Specialized Hellga, Specialized’s latest women’s specific fat bike. 

I have been enlightened and would like to spread the good word. If you are one of the many who get white knuckles at the thought of riding in the woods, consider this…a fat bike. Yes, they do look clumsy and slow. I too was doubtful until Hellga and I took a ride together in Burlingame on Sunday. The Hellga was nothing short of a blast! It was lively, quick, well balanced, comfy, climbed like a dream, safely rolled over everything; in short, it gave me the confidence to relax and enjoy myself. I rode up and down things I had previously been unable to or scared to try.

I wouldn’t shut up about it on Monday at the shop.  I think that Jay suggested I write a short bit about the ride to shut me up.   So, do yourself a favor: put preconceived notions aside and a smile on your face.   Come by the shop, we have Hellgas (women’s specific fat bikes) and Fatboys (unisex) in a full range of sizes to demo.

Hope to see you soon.