Everybody’s working for the weekend! Come on out this, and every, Saturday and join the best shop ride in town.

~32 miles roundtrip planned out into Richmond and back this week. Only one hill with which to contend. Fun riding ahead.

The plan this week is to split into 3 groups from the start. Same route for all groups, if you would like to try a faster group than usual and get tired, another group will be along to scoop you up.

Group 1 – 25+ in the flats.

Group 2 – approx. 22 – 23 in the flats.

Group 3 – No drop.

Here is your route:

Shop rides roll at 8 a.m. Please bring helmet, water, pump, tubes, etc.

See you there!

Screen shot 2016-08-25 at 6.57.35 AM

sHOP Ride, Thursday 8/25

Feeling fast? Join us Thursday night at 615pm for the Hour of Power. This ride places an emphasis on training, bike handling, teamwork and riding in a paceline. But be warned: this is a ride for experienced riders only. Speeds on the flats will be 25-30mph at times and the end-of-ride average will be greater than 20mph.

The group will warm up together for the first few miles; once things begin to heat up an A and B group will form and follow the same route. The B group will act as a sweep and pick up riders fallen off the A.

Tonight’s route can be found here:


2016 Stedman’s Time Trial Awards Recipients

Did you race the 2016 TT series? Is your name listed below? If so be sure to clear your schedule next Monday (8/29) so you can be at our awards party at 7pm at the shop. Trophies will be presented for Overall male and female finishers, top aero and cannibal riders, class leaders and more (three deep in each category when possible).
Joel Brown
Gary Dalton
Jarod Dalton
Joe Dotolo
James Haitz
James Harnois
Jimmi Hayes
Jenn Krueger
Bob Lane
John LaRiviere
Amy Jocelyn Malo
Bill Matuszak
John Meegan
Heather Owen
Lee Parkins
Michael Podzalini
Karen Purtill
Larry Purtill
David Reed
Gary Stafford
Rob Swanson
Brian Sweenor
Jim Themig

Hope to see you there!

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