Early Winter: Rocky Mountain Blizzard

Rocky Mountain Blizzard fat bike
Rocky Mountain Blizzard

The latest addition to our extensive fat bike line has descended from the North just in time for winter. The Rocky Mountain Blizzard is set to ride hard in any season, over any terrain.

Rocky Mountain Blizzard

With sharp looks and a solid build kit, this bike is a great value. The thoughtful parts spec starts with a trail taming Rock Shox Bluto suspension fork. Even with 4-inches of tire, a rigid bike can still feel rigid when charging through the rough. The Bluto ably handles big hits and smaller chatter alike. Its sturdy crown, brace, and thru axle keep the front wheel tracking straight while its simple but effective air pressure, bottom out, and rebound adjustments tune the ride to any preference.

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Made to Play

The Blizzard has a shorter BMX-ish cockpit and 68.5 degree headtube lending itself to bunny hops, drops, and steep chutes. Stock gearing is light with only a 24t ring up front so it’s easy to earn your turns. A bash guard is standard, protecting the drivetrain from whatever gnar the big wheels get you into. Should you need a wider gear range, there are direct mounts to easily add a front derailleur and second ring. Out of the box weight is about 34 1/2 pounds. Shed the 590g tubes and you’ll be at a trail worthy 32, as light or lighter than many rigid fat bikes.

Rocky Mountain Blizzard fat bike



Tubeless Ready

Both the rims and tires of Blizzard are designed for easy conversion to tubeless. A pronounced bead lock on the SUNringle Mulefut 80SL rim gives a secure fit for even the lowest air pressures. When combined with the relatively light Vee Rubber Bulldozer tires, the Blizzard wheelset boasts about 3 pounds less rotational mass than most other stock fat bikes.

Rocky Mountain Blizzard Mulefut SL rim
SunRingle Mulefut 80 SL rim. 830g. 80mm wide. Tubeless Ready.
Rocky Mountain Blizzard Vee Rubber Bulldozer 4.7 tire
Despite its girth, the Vee Rubber Bulldozer weighs about 200g less than similar sized tires. It is also tubeless ready.


Rocky Mountain Blizzard

Stop by and take one for a ride.

Not local? Give us a call anyway, we’ll be happy to tell you all about the Rocky Mountain Blizzard.