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Moots Demo Day is Thursday May 14th

Ever wondered what it is like to ride a Moots? Join us at the shop Thursday May 14 to experience some of the finest hand-made titanium bicycles out there. The van will be at the store with many of their road, mountain, touring and cyclocross bikes, but select sizes will be in short supply so call ahead to make sure we can accommodate you.

For more details contact the shop at 401.789.8664.

Save big on select in-stock bikes

Been thinking about a new bike? Don’t forget that all remaining 2015 models are on sale and 20% off. This includes rides from Specialized, Bianchi, Electra, Salsa, Rocky Mountain, and more.

Got a certain model in mind? Call for availability and to schedule a test ride.

**Remember: we take trade ins.**

This sale is limited to in-stock models only and when they’re gone…they gone!

PS- Check out Jim’s Hot Deals. There you’ll find more great bikes and some killer bargins.


Fatcaching with the Edge 1000

Question: What do you take when you combine fat bikes and Geocaching?

Answer: Fatcaching!

I picked up a Garmin Edge 1000 a while ago and thought I knew my way around the device pretty good by now. Until, that is, somebody told me about Geocaching. To the unfamiliar, Geochacing is essentially a gps-based scavenger hunt where the location and description of an object is given on You upload the cache’s location to your gps device, and once found sign and date the enclosed log and even take or leave a trinket if you’d like.

Step 1: Go to, log in and locate caches
Step 1: Go to, log in and locate caches

Turns out, not only is it possible to upload the exact latitude/longitude of the geocache to the Edge’s basemap, but Open Street Map (OSM) Cycle Trails are also shown to help you find the right path to your destination. Once uploaded, they are clearly pictured in relation to your current location.

Step 2: Upload the cache's location to your GPS, in this case the Edge 1000
Step 2: Upload the cache’s location to your GPS, in this case the Edge 1000

Then, go hunting! Oh, and don’t forget to stop and enjoy the view.



Look unrideable? Not if you’re on a fat bike.


Step 3: Locate cache....gotcha!
Step 3: Locate cache….gotcha!
Look, another!


This little guy was a little harder to find
Don’t forget to sign and date!


The 1000’s screen is bright and clear and responds well to the touch, even through medium-weight gloves like my Pearlizumi Cyclones. It uses GPS and GLONASS to acquire your position within a few seconds of being turned on, and can even zero in on your location while indoors.

The Edge comes preloaded with highly detailed OSM maps. Look closely and you’ll spot the bike path and location of your favorite local bike shop.


Want to go geocaching in, say, Big River instead? Nearly every trail is listed in this thing. They are even labeled, enabling you to create a course in beforehand and then go ride in an unfamiliar area with total confidence.



Like the Edge 510 and 810, you are able to set up to five custom data pages in addition to the map screen (and the other usual suspects such virtual partner, elevation profile and compass pages). Don’t forget, OSM maps mean most trails in Big River, Burlingame and Arcadia will be displayed right in front of you, which is just downright awesome. No additional micro SD card needed.

The beauty to a bike computer like that you purchase it once and you’re done. Remember, the Edge can be as simple or complex as you want it to be. I configured my data pages so one is optimized for each of my bikes:
Road: speed, power, cadence, di2 gear selection, heart rate, average speed, current speed, distance, temperature, time of day
Cyclocross: lap time, heart rate, time of day
Mountain: elevation, heading, temperature, time of day, distance
Hybrid: time of day

Another nice addition is that the Edge 1000 hooks up to your phone via bluetooth to display calls or text messages, and will wireless upload your ride when finished to Garmin Connect and on to Strava (if configured). Pretty handy! And just like its Edge 810 and Edge Touring siblings you can upload custom courses and routes for turn-by-turn directions.

One of my favorite things about a fat bike is its ability to allow the rider to go to places he or she has never been to visit by bike. I know for a fact that the sections of beach I rode today would never have been accessible without big tires. With the beach being as dynamic as it is, it’s like a new experience every time. And in a constantly changing environment like this, a reliable GPS-enabled device is one of the best resources a rider could as for.

Curious? Stop by and rent an Edge 1000 today! If rented in conjunction with a bicycle rental we’ll even hook you up with a discount. Our demo unit is pre-loaded with our favorite local road rides and we can even create a custom route if you have something specific in mind.

Rates are as follows:
Edge 1000: $20/day
Bicycle rental+Edge 1000: $10/day