Bandito Shop Ride! Tomorrow! 11/15! 730am!

It's you know where your road bike is?
Are your tires pumped up?

What are you doing Saturday at 730am? Instead of sleeping all day or sipping that macchiato in bed get up and join the Bandits for 28.1 miles of bliss through North Kingstown and Narragansett. Grab your bike and helmet and meet on the shop’s Woodruff Ave sidewalk!

Questions? Email or

Route information and cue sheet can be found here:

The fine print:

Group rides meet every Saturday morning at 7:30 on the sidewalk outside the shop, with wheels typically rolling just before 7:40. Ride length ranges from 28 – 40 miles with the longer rides occurring during the summer when my fitness tends to be marginally better… Even the longest rides tend to get everyone back to the shop by 10:30.

These rides are of the “no rider left behind” variety. We have had a great, supportive bunch of folks riding together this year. The group begins together and may split into two groups, as necessary, based on rider fitness level. A typical Saturday morning has seen about a dozen or so riders, so if the group does split, there are still two nicely-sized bunches with whom to ride.