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Holiday Special: Save $50 on Garmin Edge 520 through Dec. 24th

For a limited time only save $50 on in-stock Garmin Edge 520 GPS cycling computers. Normally $400 and $300 respectively, both Bundle and Non-Bundle packages are included in this sale.

Looking for your first GPS? Get yourself (or give a friend!) a bundle, which throws in Garmin’s slick new individual ANT+ speed and cadence sensor pods and a premium heart rate strap for the killer price of $350.

Already have all the extras? Pick up the non-bundle, which includes the Edge 520 computer, spare mounts and charging equipment for $250.

Hurry, this offer ends Christmas Eve (12/24)

DC Rainmaker Edge 520 Review


Fall Training Continues Tonight: Bicycle Cleaning and Upkeep

Join us tonight at 7pm for the second of this month’s free workshop series. We’ll cover topics including general cleaning and lubrication, identifying/replacing worn components and best torque wrench practices.

This class will be relevant to riders of all disciplines but is of particular importance for those with mid-level road, mountain, cyclocross and fat bikes. These bicycles typically use lighter weight and higher performance components that can be costly to replace if not maintained correctly. In this workshop we will show you how identify tell-tale signs of wear as well as demonstrate replacement techniques.

Class starts at 7pm and is free to anybody interested in getting the most out of their riding experience. Each week we will raffle off a $25 Stedman’s Gift Card and every class you attend enters you in our grand prize drawing for a $75 Stedman’s Gift Card.

Questions? Give us a shout at 401.789.8664 or info@westedman.com.



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Last Official sHOP Ride of 2016 is Thursday 9/1


Can you believe it’s almost Labor Day? With the days getting shorter  (718pm) and summer coming to an end September 1st will mark the last official Thursday sHOP Ride of the year…hopefully. With a chance of thunderstorms all day a go/no-go call will be posted here by 4pm. With that in mind…

Feeling fast? Join us Thursday night at 615pm for the Hour of Power. This ride places an emphasis on training, bike handling, teamwork and riding in a paceline. But be warned: this is a ride for experienced riders only. Speeds on the flats will be 25-30mph at times and the end-of-ride average will be greater than 20mph.

The group will warm up together for the first few miles; once things begin to heat up an A and B group will form and follow the same route. The B group will act as a sweep and pick up riders fallen off the A.

Tonight’s route can be found here: