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Fresh on the Floor: Superpedestrian Copenhagen Wheel

Superpedestrian Copenhagen Wheels are now back in stock and available for demo!

The Copenhagen Wheel is an electric motor and battery system contained within the hub of a rear wheel. By replacing the stock wheel with the Copenhagen you can essentially convert nearly any bicycle into an e-bike.

We’re now featuring one of these motorized wheels up to a Specialized Alibi rental bike. Installation was a breeze and after about 10 minutes we were wrapped up and our new ‘e-Alibi’ was ready to ride. An app download and bluetooth connection later, the Copenhagen Wheel was cruising effortlessly down the road. Our favorite part? The wheel has a cool trick up its sleeve in that pedaling backwards will engage engine braking. Very cool!

Stop by for a test ride, no appointment needed. Available in 26″ and 700c sizes.

Check out all the details over at superpedestrian.com.

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