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11/18 Shop Ride

Welcome to the weekend. Let’s go riding!

Modified Hatchery loop this week. 33 miles up toward Wickford, Exeter and back. It is looking like a fine Fall day. Come on down for the fun!

Saturday rides roll from the shop each week at 8 a.m. Ride typically splits into 2-3 groups. A fast, drop group, then a sweeping group or 2. No rider left behind.

Helmets required. Please bring water, tubes, pump, route map, etc.

We will be short a couple of sweep group leaders, so keep an eye on each other folks!

Here is your route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/26504616

11/11 Shop Ride

Bundle up folks, it’s going to be a chilly start. Short route this week in deference to the temperature. We should have everyone back to the shop in under 2 hours this week. Modified Point Judith loop with a few bonus miles in store. ~28 all told. Ride will likely split into the usual 2-3 groups after a “mass” start. No rider left behind!!

Shop rides roll each Saturday at 8 a.m. Helmets required. Please bring water, tubes. pump, etc.

Here is the route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/26477070

Hope to see you there!

11/4 Shop Ride

Come one, come all! Another fun ride anticipated tomorrow. 37 miles into the west and back. Let’s burn off that candy!

Saturday shop rides roll each week at 8am. We leave the shop as one group and filter into smaller groups based on speed. The front group is a drop group; the back 1-2 groups tend to keep folks together. No rider left behind. All riders typically back to the shop by 1030.

As always: helmets required. Bring water, tubes, pump, etc.

Here is your route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/26447747

Hope to see you there!

Don’t forget! If one ride a day isn’t enough for you, the first Full Moon Fat Bike ride of the season is Saturday from the shop at 6pm!!