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Mountain Bikes


We carry the full spectrum of off road bikes, from 20″ Hotrocks for kids to exotic titanium and carbon race machines.

Stop in and see our selection. Take some test rides. We’ll be happy to help you decide what will best suite your riding ambitions. In the meantime, here’s a brief overview of mountain bike variety:

Kids’ bikes

kids mountain bikes

Rugged, knobby tired bikes build to stand up to rough playful riding while still being easy to ride to school, these little bikes range from simple single speed starters to bikes as sophisticated as Mom’s and Dad’s with shocks, disc brakes, and plenty of gears to tame the hills.

Entry level

Starting in the $400 range, these affordable bikes offer a lot of features that have trickled down from the top level mountain bikes over the years. Front suspension forks, disc brakes, and 21-speeds will get you off to a great start on beginner trails and dirt roads.


This is the level of bike you’re looking for if you really want to explore more challenging trails or upgrade your old steed. While still representing an excellent value, these bikes feature larger wheels, lighter components, and more sophisticated suspension and brakes.

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