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Ladies Rides: Tuesdays Evenings, All Summer Long


Welcome to the Tuesday Women’s Rides!

When: Tuesdays evening, all summer long– road ride starts at 5:30 pm
Where: Stedman’s Bike Shop, Wakefield
Who: Ladies with bikes and helmets.

 The Stedman’s Women’s ride was started in 2012 with a small group of South County cyclists, and has in the last five years grown to a large group of women who gather weekly. We want to help women find a fun and welcoming community to ride with and help develop their riding abilities.

Starting this year, we will have two main women’s-only rides: the Morning Coffee Ride and the Evening Ride.

The Tuesday night ride is a road ride that starts at 5:30 from Stedman’s shop and heads out towards the Kingston Train Station, which is mile 6. From here, we split into 3 groups based on speed and distance. Three groups with cruising speeds (not average speed!) of 14-16mph, 16-18mph, and 18+ mph will cover between 20-35 miles depending on the week and group. Our goals include improving riding skills within a group, overall confidence on the bike, specific skills such as handling, drafting, and cornering. We also aim to create a happy and fun ladies cycling community! We require a well maintained road bike and a helmet and ask that you are comfortable maintaining 15mph on a flat road when riding alone.

The morning coffee ride starts at 8 am from Stedman’s shop. We will mostly stay on the bike path, possibly moving on to some roads depending on rider comfort. This is a very casual no-drop ride welcome to women of all abilities. The ride will last about an hour, with a stop at a local coffee shop at the end of the ride. Our goals are to offer a comfortable space for women to ride and work on basic skills, like riding with a group, signaling, and passing walkers. We want to help new riders to feel comfortable handling their bikes. We require a bike of any kind (hybrid, road, mountain, fat) and a helmet.

How to get involved:  

Facebook –
Instagram – @StedmansWomen

Email with any questions:
For the evening ride, contact Jen @