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7/18 Ladies Ride

Looking forward to Tuesday, with good weather and good routes ahead of us!
Morning ride will be off at 8 am for an easy spin down the bike path and some yummy coffee and treats after.
Afternoon ride leaves at 5:30 pm, rolling down the bike path as one group before splitting apart at the train station:
Group one rolls at 14-15 mph for 26 miles:
Group two rolls at 16-17 mph for 28 miles:
Group three rolls at 18+ mph for 32 miles:

7/13 Hour of Power Ride

Feeling fast? Join us Thursday nights at the shop @ 615pm for the Stedman’s Hour of Power (sHOP) Ride.

This fast-paced road ride places an emphasis on training, bike handling, teamwork and riding in a paceline. But be warned: this is a ride for experienced riders only. Speeds on the flats are often 25-30mph and the end-of-ride average will be greater than 20mph.

Tonight’s route can be found here:

PRO TIP: Got a flashing/blinky tail light? Bring it!

Questions? Give us a shout at 401.789.8664 or for more information

7/11 Ladies Ride

Looking forward to the best day of the week! As promised, rides will be extra fun… and extra hilly! :)

Coffee ride meets at 8 am outside the bike shop and rolls down the bike path at an easy casual pace, followed by a nice cup of coffee and maybe a pastry or two

Evening road ride meets outside the bike shop and rolls off the sidewalk at 5:30 pm sharp! The group will stick together down the bike path where we will split apart into three at the train station:

Group 1 will roll 14-15 mph and go 25 miles:

Group 2 will roll 16-17 mph and go 28 miles:

Group 3 will roll 18+ mph and go 32 miles: