7/28 Shop Ride – Improved Structure!

As folks noticed last week, we have begun to break up the shop ride into smaller groups right at the start. This is in the interest of safety and fun for all of us (and the people around us) out on the road. This week, we wanted to introduce a couple of new things and reinforce some existing road ride rules.

  1. Groups for the long routes will be capped at ~16 riders.
  2. **Ride no more than two riders wide. Stay as close as practicable to the side of the road. There is no reason to be riding anywhere near the middle of the road unless you’ve swerved around a pothole.
  3. If you hear “Car back!” please repeat it to riders in front of you.
  4. Each group will have a “leader” that will set the pace. By and large, that pace will start at about 20mph cruising speed – adjusted as necessary.
  5. Stay with the group you begin the ride with. Please don’t ride away from it.
  6. Gaps will open on hills; regroup at the top.
  7. No riders left behind. If a gap opens to a rider behind you, let other riders know as to let that rider catch back on.

We have a great cycling community here and want to see everyone continue to have fun out on the roads. Thank you all for making this ride such a success. It was only four years ago that a big group on Saturday was twelve people. Look at us now!

Now, here are your routes:

“Long” route (32.7 miles with cruising speeds anywhere from 18mph to 24+mph; first groups out will be going faster): https://ridewithgps.com/routes/28170957

“Short” route (24.7 miles at cruising speeds of 15-16mph): https://ridewithgps.com/routes/28180214