7/22 Shop Ride

Looks like a perfect day for a ride Saturday. Light winds, mid-70s. Let’s go cycling! Saturday rides roll from the shop each week at 8 am. Helmet required. Please bring water, tubes, pump, route map, etc.

Couple of quick reminders:

First, for safety and fun, please ride no more than 2 abreast. Second, if you’re not sure of the route, please stay with the group. We want to make sure to get everyone back to the shop with a smile.

Next, the a recap of the group breakdown.

Group 1: Fast (25+ mph on flat road; 20-21 overall ride avg.). Typically a “drop” group (albeit a very friendly drop group), but don’t worry because, if you wait, coming along shortly will be…

Group 2: Quick (20-24mph on flat road; 18-19 overall ride avg.). Solid group. If any splits occur, this pack typically regroups to keep all folks together.

Group 3: Similar to group 2, but about 17-18mph overall average.

If at any time you find yourself off the back of group 3, just wait because coming down the road there is still…

Group 3: The rest. No rider left behind. This group still tends to average about 15-18mph on flat roads. (about 15-16mph overall avg..) but will adjust this as necessary.

Lastly, here is the route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/14330126

Hope to see you there!!