4/21 Shop Ride

Another fine weekend to come ride with friends, old and new! Two routes planned again this week. A 33 mile ride will take some folks out into Shannock village while a 25 mile option will cut through Kenyon before the two join up again on South County Trail.  As usual, we will have multiple groups at varying speeds. The front group (or two) are “drop” groups, while the 1 or 2 “casual” groups will make sure everyone gets back to the shop, right around 10am. The rear group leader will be announced prior to the ride.

Come out and have some fun!

Saturday shop rides roll each week at 8am. Helmet required. Bring water, tubes, pump, route map, etc.

Here are your routes:

33 miles: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/27283210

25 miles: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/27283178

Hope to see you there!

For your info:

(Number of groups naturally depends on overall number of riders on a given week)

Front group tends to hold 24+ mph on flat roads

A second group typically forms rolling 20-22 on flat roads

A third group averages 18-20 on the flats.

Sweep/Short loop group will average about 16ish mph on flat roads.